Vintage Tattoo Camera TOMS!

When Mari asked me to paint her old red TOMS I could hardly contain myself! We agreed on a theme of vintage cameras (like her dad's!) in a tattoo style. It was a BLAST to paint them! Take a look...

This is Mari's favorite photography quote by Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias! LOVE IT!

I used a touch of metalic paint in the film so that it glimmers in the sun just a little!

Here's a photo by Mari of her new shoes!

...and another she took of herself wearing them!

I'm SO EXCITED that she loved them! She told me she was going to wear them to the Breaking Dawn premiere last night (so jealous! Team Edward!) and to her next wedding shoot!!! 

Check out Mari's amazing photography here.

happy friday everyone!

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alison holcomb said...

those are adorable molly! you did an awesome job. i just might need some of those soon:)