Pumpkin Specs!

My Pumpkin Specs courtesy of Whole Foods in Dallas!

As this is one of my absolute favorite times of the year, I am still celebrating this amazing season that God gives us! I am so glad there's a time to set aside and consider change, reaping what is sown, transitioning in our hearts, drinking lots of pumpkin spice lattes, remembering to be thankful and spending extra time together.
What does fall mean to you?

Thanks for all of the fun responses to our adventures through the pumpkin village! Many of you asked where it was and here's a little link for you: http://www.dallasarboretum.org .  If you live in the area, you have GOT to check it out! :)

Our weekend was full of projects. Along with getting the house put back together, I got VERY caught up on projects that I can't wait to show you! Part of what I want to focus on this season is getting my thoughts together for the next year of Specs & Wings! I started a "Smashbook" last night to help me get organized. Have you seen these things? They're AMAZING! Check it out! 

I've got lots of fun things to share this week....maybe even a peek at what's going into my Smashbook! :)

happy monday!

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