You CAN Fly!

I also got to wrap up a sweet delivery to mail this week featuring two headbands and a flower clutch! I love big orders because larger boxes give me more room to decorate!

For this package I used two of my new hand carved stamps from Creatiate! Her stamps are incredible! The detail and precision are amazing! And since they are on thick rubber instead of a wooden block, it's easier to stamp on flimsy/bendy boxes and pick up all of the edges and the middle of the design that might otherwise be lost!

I used her "You Can Fly" stamp on the front and her paper airplane stamp on all sides of the box. Then I took a calligraphy marker and made dash marks all around to give each plane a little path with loop-d-loops! 

I also used some decorative tape from  Pretty Tape to add some color and define spaces for the address and return address.

Does anyone else love packaging as much as I do?
happy day!

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Kristin said...

Oh, my goodness! I saw your link from https://www.facebook.com/creatiate, and I can't get over how beautiful your packaging is! 1) I would have a hard time throwing it away if I received it. And 2) it makes me feel like I should work a lot harder at the packages I send. Thanks for the inspiration/motivation! :)