Unbelievable Paint.

I've been mentioning a big event/project that I'm working on (especially here) but I'm saving the surprise for next week! Trust me, it's big, fun and totally worth the wait!!! ;)

Anyway, the project involves a couple of large paintings that require a bit more of a "clean" design than I'm used to, but I'm loving the challenge! I did a lot of sketching on the canvas and my basic white paint wasn't covering my marks. I knew I needed a more opaque paint to cover the pencil marks so I armed myself with a 40% off coupon to Michael's and began the search! I came across this tube of beautiful, exquisite Heavy Body, Opaque, Titanium White, Professional Acrylic paint. Wow. If I didn't have my coupon I wouldn't have tried it, but I decided it would be worth it and bought the tube.

When I got home, I unscrewed the lid and squeezed a bit out...wow, I could already tell it was different. I chose a large brush and swished over a mistake I had made on the canvas....one word.....gone! I continued to paint and with one coat successfully covered all of my pencil marks. This stuff is GOLD! I never realized how incredible professional paint was before now. In college we had to buy so much paint and I always got the "student" quality. I continued to get this type of paint as I do enjoy layering and the price is much easier to handle, but a whole new world has opened to me! After the "professional" paint dried it had this glorious sheen, and I could see the beautiful texture in the brush strokes! It's unbelievable paint!

I still love my basic acrylics because I do love to layer color and the transparent quality allows for that quite nicely. Plus, it has been my medium since I started out, so there's a special place in my heart for it. I'm just excited that I have experienced a new side to my favorite medium and I can't wait to experiment more!

Guess I better start saving up my Michael's coupons! ;)

happy long weekend!!!
p.s. come see us at Farmer's Market tomorrow from 8am-Noon, 501 W. Texas Ave.
Just look for the Flying Olive banner! 

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Britt@artbybritt said...

I totally know what you mean! I've just stuck with what I know, but I've used that paint before and it's wonderful! I'm excited to see your project next week. :)