The Season of Plaid!

I didn't see it coming, but with all of the fun I had researching and dressing up 40's style, I have started to love  vintage styles and clothing! I'm especially impressed with the awesome vintage items on Etsy!

With fall just around the corner, I'm loving the look of PLAID! Here are a few of my favorite vintage picks from the 40's-90's on Etsy. I hope you're inspired! Enjoy! :)

June Bug Shop Etsy (60's)

Urban Armory Etsy (60's-70's)

 Vintage Repeats Etsy

Aria Parfait Vintage (40's)

Violetville Vintage (60's-70's)

Old Gold Vintage (60's)

Jess James Jake Etsy (50's)

Denise Brain Etsy (50's)

Old Gold Vintage Etsy (60's)

Le Mollusque (70's)

Alicja Vintage (80's-90's)

The Love Dove (70's)

North Brooklyn Dry Goods (90's)

Maries Vintage (60's)

Secret Lake Etsy (60's-70's)

Jess James Jake Etsy

Stiletto Girl Etsy

The Paraders Etsy

Julesatelier Etsy

This fall season, I'd love to incorporate some vintage styles like the long skirts, shirt dresses, and patterned coats! SO PRETTY! ;)

Do you have any vintage in your wardrobe? Where did you get it? Do you ever incorporate vintage styles using modern clothing? I'd love to hear all about it!

I'm enjoying the weekend with my sister and family!
Enjoy your weekend!

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