Ways to Wear It.....Painting Project.

Over the weekend I worked on a few painting projects and I thought I'd share a new "way to wear" a Specs and Wings flower clip! This was a very hot day and I wore my hair curly and down for most of the day. I wanted  to stay cool and have my hair out of the way so I braided my bangs into the rest of my hair to keep them back and pulled the rest of my curly, crazy hair into a side pony tail. I added a bobby pin to hold the braid and then added my flower clip next to the pin to keep it extra tight.

I also wore two sleeveless shirts with a pair of shorts and flip flops.
 It was a lovely, comfy way to get to painting! :)

You can get your very own "Lucy" Flower Clip here and check out the more Specs and Wings flower clips here!

How do you wear your hair accessories? Are you enjoying this series?
happy monday!

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