Painting Week: Batik Art Party!

Danielle and I had an art party where she showed me how to do batik!
What is batik? So glad you asked. :)
"Batik- is a cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique."

It was SO FUN! Here's a look at our adventures...

We used these tools called "tjantings" to cover our drawings in wax.
We had to continually heat the wax and the tool in order to "draw" with it, so we kept  candles and a warmer close.
Here are our designs covered in wax, ready for dye!
The dye went on smoothly, but spread pretty quickly! It was fun to see the wax resist it!
Here are our fabrics waxed and dyed. Next we covered the fabric completely in wax, crunched it up, and added black dye to create the "cracked"detail often seen in batik. Then removed the wax with hot water! 

If you ever get the chance, I would absolutely recommend giving batik a try! It's a really fun way to paint on fabric and learn a new technique! 

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