Painting Week: Day 1: In-Progress & Favorites!

 Painting is a huge passion of mine, so I think it would be fun to post about painting every day this week! Welcome to "Painting Week" on Specs & Wings Blog!

I will post about "in-progress" paintings, custom paintings that I've recently finished (one each day!), stories behind paintings, my favorites, and even some fantastic inspirations!

Here's a new painting that I started over the weekend...

Favorite place to paint....
As close as I can get to any window in our home.....specially in the living room and studio!

Favorites to paint with? Liquitex Basics ...and sometimes Folk Art paints...:)

Other supplies that I love to use in paintings....
Oil pastels, scraps of fabric, old book pages, etc.

Favorite tools...
glass paint palette, big plastic water cup, palette knife and various sizes of round and flat brushes!

So fun! Do you paint? Have you ever tried? I dare you to let your inner-painter run wild this week!

Happy Monday!

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