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I love to have artwork in my home. When we move, I never feel quite "settled in" until there's some art hanging on the walls!  It can get expensive to collect original artwork, so I have loved being able to collect artwork from my favorite artists as "prints"! A print of the original painting is much less expensive, but still allows us to frame and hang the art in our home! We loving looking at prints in our home by Emily Martin, Elsie Larson, and soon...Nan Lawson!

I'm excited to offer you 4x6 prints of my paintings at the incredibly low price of $5! They would also make lovely gifts for your friends and family or even a couple who just moved into their first home. Pick a couple of images that you know they will love, purchase a 4x6 photo frame to put each of them in, wrap them up and voila! An instant start to someone's art collection! Here are a few ideas for different people/occasions...

I'm working on adding more variety and different sizes of prints for you to choose from!
Thanks for your awesome response to my artwork....it means so much to me. :)
You can look at the prints I have available here: www.specsandwings.etsy.com 

happy friday!

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