Imagination Explosion Recap!

(Sportin' our Amanda McNeely Photography shirts!)

Saturday was Imagination Explosion and it turned out great! We had a really fun time seeing Amanda shoot lots of sweet kiddos in our sets and also setting up our Specs & Wings table and seeing so many of you!

(our view!)

(flower clips)

(my sweet Jeremy, I couldn't do this without you!)


(free gift- Mini Flower Clips! more on that soon!)

(Mirrors and Rings)

( my little S&W banner!)

(Sarah from Papercutz let us share her shade in an awesome pink canopy!)

(Amanda at work with the "Boat Adventures" set!)

We had a great time and I hope you enjoyed this little recap of the day!

Coming up today, the making of "Mini Flower Clips" and a new custom photo painting!!!

happy monday!

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Christy K said...

I love the headbands! I need to get me some :)