Imagination Explosion: Boat Adventure Set in the Making!

Jeremy and I have been hard at work on this set and it has required the most building of all of the sets! 
We're really excited and proud of the process and we wanted to share this little peak at the boat in process...

 I loved Amanda's idea to wrap the boat in atlas pages! 
I decided to also wipe a stain over the pages to add a  more vintage touch....

 I also have been working on some little banners that will be attached to the sail! 
(can't wait for you to see it!)

I'm bringing some of my flower clips that your sweet little girls can wear if you'd like!

 Some of my favorite props for this set are the fishing poles! I created them from tree branches, felt and jute!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the Boat Adventures "set in the making" for Imagination Explosion! 
It's SURE to be a blast and I can't wait to see you there!

Sign up for Amanda McNeely to shoot photos of YOUR kids in this set here!
happy tuesday!

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