Specs & Wings Etsy Shop Update!

Today the Specs & Wings Etsy Shop has been updated for Spring!

This afternoon I have added more flower clips/brooches and a new headband......not to mention this morning's additions of a fabric necklace (sold!) and my new art print mirrors!

If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by and see what's new!
Enjoy this lovely Tuesday!

p.s. check out Alison Holcomb Photography's "New Tunes Tuesday" for today....
I've been listening to it ALL day! I love it!!!


Alison Holcomb said...

SO excited to get that pretty little necklace:) I love all your cute goodies in this shop update!

Molly Swanson said...

Thanks so much for ordering my little yellow fabric necklace! I hope you LOVE it! :) Thanks for your kind words!