Imagination Explosion! :Sketches: Boat Adventure!

I'm SO excited! As revealed on Monday, Amanda McNeely Photography is offering the most amazing day of dreamy photos of your kids called "Imagination Explosion"! I'm so thrilled to be designing 4 different sets for her photoshoot and I've been gathering inspiration and sketching in preparation!

I'm excited to show you my first set of sketches/inspiration board for the boat adventure set!

Amanda is wanting a vintage, playful, charming look to each set along with some really fun props for the kids to play with! I'm excited to design each one! This is my first experience in set design and I've having the time of my life!!! Thanks for sharing in my adventures!

Be sure to book your spot for Imagination Explosion today! :)
*call Amanda at 432-638-3886 to book!*

I'll be sharing more fun suprises about the event soon, along with more sketches!
happy thursday!

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