happy SPRING day!

(pretty signs of spring everywhere!)

It's here...can't you feel it?! Spring is everywhere. It's in the trees, the flowers blooming, the pretty weather's warming, the beautiful skies and the hope rising! I am very excited to share peeks at my new projects very soon. I've been working hard on them and I'm very happy with how they are coming along!

A few things I'm thinking about today...
-my "to-do's" (sketches, paintings, farmer's market...)
- a couple of DIY's that I want to share with y'all
-"photoshoots" that I have planned for my lunch break (so I can show you what I've been creating!)
-what I've been reading in "Craft, Inc."
-the amazing time I had with my church family last night!
-how much I love my Jeremy
-the summer trip we're planning that makes me swoon!
-fun dinner with my family tonight!

happy thursday!!!

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