More Roomy!

 Yesterday I found out that blogger blogs can truly run out of room! I mean, I know it says you get a certain amount, but in my mind, I just never considered that I would actually use it all! :) I have "added on" to my blog space so I won't have to worry about that again for a while. Yay!

As it turns out I'm still a bit under the weather (bummer) so I'm moving a little more slowly on my custom paintings, art books, and accessories than I had planned. It's good to be getting some rest and I'm thankful for VERY sweet and patient customers. :)

I've started a few new paintings recently that I can't wait to show you, but for now....check the color pallette!

There's my little update!
Hope your day is amazing!


Mari said...

Those are some yummy yummy colors!!

Molly Swanson said...

Thanks Mari! I feel the same way....ooo I love colors and paint!!!