Happy beautiful Monday morning! How was your weekend? I had a LOVELY time at Farmer's Market and I'm SO thankful for all of your encouraging words on my new stuff and getting to meet some of you in person at the market! A special thanks to all of our opening day shoppers too!

The rest of weekend went super fast as I did LOTS of resting and felt a bit under the weather, but I'm thankful for this monday and for feeling much better. :)

I posted this picture today because I love what it says! I realized one day that dreams are just dreams until you start living them. :) Have you started working towards your dreams?  I'd love to hear about them!

I've got lots of fun and exciting things coming up this week and I can't wait to share them with you! I'm planning to share progress on some new custom items, my favorite new spring inspirations, and photos from our first day at Farmer's Market! I'm SO excited! Thanks for visiting my blog!

happy monday!

(Picture posted on Pinterest by Jamie Zanovec....reposted by Vanessa Christenson)


Regina said...

Had fun meeting you all again, too. I was supposed to be shopping for a gift, but there were too many things I liked for myself! I just couldn't help it :D ...oops, I guess I'll have some more gift shopping to do this week!

Molly Swanson said...

Hi Regina! Thanks SO much for coming to the market! It was SO GREAT to see you again! Good luck on your gift shopping..so glad you found some things you liked at our booth! :)