New Spring Packaging!

Guess what came in the mail yesterday?!? My new packaging supplies!
Here's my first etsy order all wrapped up for Spring!
Loving this yellow, brown, and white color scheme...

Yellow twine, white bags, and heart stickers from http://www.californiacraft.etsy.com/
Yellow flower tape from http://www.sugarbsupplies.etsy.com/
The tag (which has one of my paintings printed on the front, and my info on the back)
from http://www.moo.com/ (they're awesome!)
brown twine, and yellow vintagey thank you card are gifts from Jeremy!
(brown ribbon and tissue are recycled I keep every scrap I can to make each package a work of art!)

What do you think? Do you like it? I'd love to wrap something up for you!
Check out the new "Date Night" coffee cozy sets, super cute flower clips, rings, paintings, postcards and more in my shop! http://www.specsandwings.etsy.com/


Kate said...

Mollyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy SO CUTE & FRESH!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!!!!!

Janet D said...

Check your dates for the Spring Fling. I think those you posted are off a couple of days!!

Molly Swanson said...

Kate, Thank you SO MUCH! :) I love me some packaging stuff! haha!

Molly Swanson said...

Janet D, Thank you so much for letting me know on the dates! Sorry about that!