Living Room Disaster Stuido Time!

Yes, this was the living room last night in all of it's "last-minute-crafting-for-Spring-Fling" glory! I sat in this very spot for hours with everything I could possibly need within reach....it's one of my very favorite places to create! I have since cleaned it up...but I thought you might want to see my little Living Room Distaster Studio!

I made tags and boards for my headbands and flower clips and my special new items! I was only able to make a few of those mystery items but I'm excited to debut them this weekend at the event! There are only a few, so make sure you check out the Pink Tumbleweed booth early! :)

Of course I had no idea the amount of time and energy that would be necessary for creating this many items and preparing them for consignment and I wish I had started working on everything earlier! I was absolutely scrambling to get everything taged and priced on my lunch break today! My sweet Jeremy helped stick on price stickers, re-count inventory, and pack up all of my items for delivery to Pink Tumbleweed this evening. He is amazing!

I'm thrilled with the new Spring Collection and I'm excited to see them at Spring Fling this weekend! What a dream come true to be a part of an event like this! Allison from Pink Tumbleweed is a rockstar for letting us a part of this with her. :)

I'll show you finished items soon!
Have a happy day!

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