Inspiration Scavenger Hunt!

Just for fun, this afternoon I thought I'd send you an inspiration adventure to some of my favorite places from around the web today! I'll give you pretty photos, helpful hints, and even the links....all you have to do is play detective! After your successful hunt, be sure to celebrate with your fellow "sherlocks" in the comments section! :)

(Oh! and the prize....beautiful and brillian inspiration!)

Here we go!

How is it that this DIY  can "hold" many secrets?

"Life's best moments are often _________" :)

Not quite sky but certainly not royal...what color does this glitter boast?

 How can a "condiment" be such fun?

What recent Valentines post of mine does this remind you of?

Made from trees but even trees can't do what she can!....who is this briliant paper artist?

"Elementary my dear Watson!"

happy *inspired* afternoon!

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Andrea said...

Thank you so much for the blog post. We are working on our Christmas and Fall products right now. Love the taste testing!