In the Studio: Making Valentines!

 I had been looking forward to this for a long time....I love to make Valentines!
I wanted to make tons, but I got a late start so I made them for the women in my family (and a few others who are like family!) I decided to create them on white textured cards using paint, collage, tape, glue, magazing cut outs, doilies, stamps, embossing, silver paint pens and anything else in reach. :)

The theme for my Valentines this year was "you are loved". I wanted each person to know how much they are loved by me and by the Lord today! I hope that shines through what I created. I spread everything out on the dining room table and spent thursday night, friday night, and saturday morning lovingly creating each one, unique, special, and beautiful....just like these lovely women!

(I tried out some fun editing on these pictures, I hope you enjoy them!)


Hope you're feeling loved today! Thanks for visiting my blog!

happy *heart* day! :)


Ragan said...

wow!! so pretty! looks like you had a lot of fun making those! and the heart banner is so cool, too. i'll have to make one next year! i sure hope i get one of those cool valentines...

emilyruth said...

i love making valentines too!
& i always start too late...
there's always next year, right? :)

your 'you are loved'
cards are so sweet...
love them.

Molly Swanson said...

hey girls!
Thanks so much! I had a blast making them! Ragan...check your mailbox! ;) Emilyruth...thank you for your kind words!