Date Night! ~ Robert & Jennifer

I'm so excited to share these awesome ideas from our sweet friends!

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And now, check out these creative and romantic ideas for planning your own date night
from Robert and Jennifer!

Ok so Robert and I went on a date tonight that I will share, but we did have to limit ourselves bc we are doing a fast with our church so dinner wasn't exactly what we would have liked to eaten :) but anywho here was our date and a few other date ideas that we have done in the past.

-we went to odessa to watch a movie that wasn't a new release. That way the theater was less crowded and we could snuggle a little more comfortably :)

- dinner at Jasons Deli

- came home and enjoyed some dancing in our room to funny and romantic songs on our iTunes. We did this while we were waiting for our bubble bath to fill up :)

Other ideas we have enjoyed together:

- grabbing take out and sitting at a park. Then enjoying a nice stroll in the moonlight (even playing on the playground equipment in the dark)

- driving to a special location, such as a park or open lot, and singing praise songs with cd or guitar

- going to the store together and getting ingredients to an appetizer and a main entree dish that you would never try bc of the odd ingredients. Then spending the evening making your creation and snuggling on the couch.

- buy. A. Kite.

- go to furniture stores/ car dealerships and pick out your individual dream house or garage. We do this all the time while driving too, we "claim" cool cars for our imaginary garage

- have a progressive dinner. Cheap fast food appetizer (Rosas chips and salsa), main dish at a restaurant, dessert and coffee at another place.

- borrow a truck, drive outside of town, unfold blanket in bed of truck and watch the stars while you sip slushes or coffee.


Aren't these creative date night ideas? Thanks for sharing your special dates, you two!
You can see more of this awesome couple's love story here!

happy monday!

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