Date Night! ~ Landon & Lindsay

I've REALLY enjoyed hearing these amazing date night ideas from my new photo-blogging friend Lindsay! She and her husband Landon have some rockin things to share with us today.

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Okay, get ready for the beautiful heart of this sweet couple!

There are a few elements that have made our date nights through the years wonderful. After 5 years of marriage here are some snapshots of dates that I have loved:

1. We discovered! For several months Landon and I committed to finding a new restaurant each date night we had. It was exciting for both of us to look on the internet at new restaurants, lounges and events through the city. Throughout the week I found myself getting more excited just to find a new place. We found some winners and losers but essentially the fun came from discovering something new together.

2. We really talk. On date nights my sweet husband makes a point to ask me questions about how I am doing on the inside, where is my heart, where am I in my walk with God, what is God teaching me. And I do my best to do the same thing and we find we learn more about each other. We bridge that gap of busyness and taking each other for granted by really getting into one another's hearts.

3. We were active. Some of our best dates were outside and being active. We've gone to downtown dog parks, walking along nature trails and parks, gone to batting cages, miniature golfing, ice skating, bike riding, had picnics and even walked around festivals for things we didn't really think we'd even like.

4. The little things. The little things matter. Landon making the time for an official date night, getting my door, getting flowers, saying thank you, getting dressed up (not for hiking of course)- all of those little things make a date night special. For marriage date nights articluate the idea of "sacredness" and being set apart from the normal. I want a marriage that stands out, one that's sacred to me and landon and to do that we make sacred time together and I find it helps us love each other and keeps things interesting.

And to end it all Landon did the sweetest thing our last date night! I was still drying my hair when landon came home with flowers. He came to the bathroom, got on one knee and said "will you marry me?" I loved it. Like I said its the little things :)
I love these creative date ideas! I'm especially excited about #2!
Thanks for everything you two!
Be sure to check out Lindsay Schott Artistry (amazing!)
happy *prepping for date night* day!

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