Date Night ~ Blair & Emily!

What an honor to have my sweet sister and brother-in-law share date ideas today! I LOVE my creative sister's brilliant plans and surprises and I know you will to!

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Check out this fun, romantic and brilliant idea from Blair and Emily!

Since the day we got married, my husband and I have had insane schedules. I travel a lot, he works with college students, so we both keep strange hours. We always make time to see each other, but if we don't plan ahead, we're usually too brain-dead to be creative on the spot when it comes to date night. Last year for our anniversary, I gave B a coupon book with 12 surprise date coupons (figuring this would give us at least one date a month that didn't involve renting a movie!) Each coupon identified the time of day/night when it could be used and gave a cryptic name for the event.
So, for instance, "Keep Your Eyes on the Road" was identified as a late night date for any night of the week that would take 4+ Hours. When B chose to pull that coupon out of the book and hand it over, then he was surprised with a trip to our local drive-in theatre for a double feature. (Of course, because I had gotten up for work at 5 that morning, I'm not sure I actually saw any of the 2nd feature!)

"Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed" was identified as a Friday or Saturday morning date only that would take 1-2 hours & that needed 24 hour notice. One Thursday night, B pulled it out of the book & was told to get up by 7 am on Saturday morning. After inhaling some coffee, we went to garage sales in a wealthy neighborhood in Dallas where you just never know what you'll find. (I needed the 24 hour notice so I could track down the good locations!)
(Crazy table and bar stools we saw while garage sale shopping.)

The possibilities are endless and it was a lot of fun, especially when we didn't know what we wanted to do for a Saturday afternoon & B could just pull out the coupon book & say, "How about this?"


I love it! :) Thanks so much y'all!

Did y'all get some great ideas this week from the Date Night series? :)
I sure have!!!

Have a very happy day!

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