More Pretty Things...

...because I can't get enough of them today!

Have you seen this?!? SO adorable!
From onecharmingparty.com....a Valentines gumball necklace DIY!

And I'm also loving how soft these yarn wrapped letters are!
Check out the DIY at Evie S. Things of Beauty...

 Leila Brewster created this beautiful place
and took this pretty picture....*sigh*...

This pretty art print it by LetterHappy Etsy....love what it says!

These just make me SO happy and I'm itching to start making Valentines!
These are by the Purl Bee...

I heart this "cupid kit" by paper+twine! So unique and heartfelt!

I can't get over how adorable this pizza is...I really want to try this to surprise my love! :)
Also from One Charming Party...

This imediately caught my eye....I LOVE IT!!! The colors especially,
but who wouldn't love a pink vespa?!
from Creature Comforts...

I'm so happy today! I'm loving the way things are going with Specs & Wings and I'm excited to see the changes coming to life with this brand new year!
I thought you might like to see some of my goals for this year...
  •  planning blog series that are fun, relevant, and inspiring.
  • trying new packaging ideas with my logo
  • testing out advertising with other blogs
  • keeping an organized studio
  • staying inspired and trying new things!
  • more etsy shop updates
  • creating a wedding line of accessories
  • making more paintings and finding a great way to make prints!
  • more wholesale adventures
  • learning more about how to run a buisness, blog, online shop, and do freelance design/painting!
I love having these goals dancing around in my mind this year and I can't wait to see each of them come true. You are a huge part of that. Thank you for letting me share my stories, adventures, discoveries, failures, ideas, and inspiration! I love to connect with y'all through my blog, etsy, email, facebook and even in person at the Farmer's Market! Thank you for all of your support and love as I do what I love and see my dreams coming true. :)

Have the happiest day!

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