Get Organized Week ~ *mini inspiration post*

Morning!!! I'm still thinking, dreaming and planning out how to freshen up the studio! These are just a few images that I've collected around the web....loving the feel of each space! Each space includes unique elements and surprising ideas!

*this room is SO full of elegance with tons of mirrors! I would implement the mirrors in a more modern simplified way, but isn't this cool!?!

*Could the storage of these supplies be ANY cuter?!? Seriously...a modern frame holds a simple buletin board, apothocary jars hold paint brushes and stickers, decorative candlesticks hold balls of twine, monogrammed anthro mugs hold pens and markers, while simple white boxes and organizers keep everything else in its place! I need a bit more flexible style personally, but I love the modern displays! 

(bright bold beautiful blog)

 *I still can't get over this room! I love the colored wall, the shelving with baskets (and labels made from tags!), the wrapping and collage wall hangings, but most of all....that craft table!!!

(home designer)

And....a little treasure I'm wishing for.....hopefully made by J+M! ;)
Y'all still with me? We're about to venture deeper into my mess, learn some tricks, and use some fun new ideas! I can't wait to show you how it all turns out!!!

What project are you in the middle of?

happy *2011 is brand new* day!


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Isn't it though!?! We're considering maybe just using the "kitchen" table now! haha! It has a great workspace and we can easily re-locate it! :)