Today I'm SO excited about Christmas and I'm THRILLED to share a HUGE INSPIRATION POST!!!

These images that  I've collected from around blog-land are some of the most interesting and inspirational things I've seen this season! I'm excited to be in a restful place next week as I am excitedly await the big day.....which means lots of fun time to create, wrap, try, experiment, decorate and CELEBRATE JESUS! :)

So, to finish the week I'll wrap up the last of my etsy & custom orders and take a holdiay until January! I'm planning to spend the next couple of weeks enjoying family, friends, and the Lord!

Okay...here we go!

1. this ADORABLE wrapping from "mycakies" has me completely smitten! I'm loving those collage style layers!!!

2. I'm loving the beautiful colors and textures of these pretty ornaments hanging like a chandelier!

3. You can always count on Anthro to make a pretty Christmasy window! I've already started cutting little snowflakes with great plans for a pretty window like this! Don't you love paper snowflakes?

4. If you know me, you know my obsession with all things brach and tree like...this has me totally inspired!

5. This soft and beautiful canvas display is absolutely glowing!!! I can see lighting it up every year!

6. Each year that I learn more about advent I'm more and more excited to create an Advent Calendar! This one is lovely!

7. I REALLY want to hang a group of ornaments over our kitchen table...how cool is that?!

8. I adore these sweet little Christmas trees! I absolutely have a set of fabric ones on my shelf!

9. YARN! You already know my excitement about pompoms but those trees!?! EEEK!

10. I've been DREAMING of a little Christmas tent like this one by Elsie Flannigan at Red Velvet Art! What fun tradition to start!

I hope you're enjoying my advent posts....what are your Christmas favorites?!?

happy thursday!

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