Advent...18! (waiting or martha, martha, martha!)

I've been learning a bit about advent, but I haven't had a chance to share much! One thing I figured out..I should be counting down the days until Christmas! So...today we're calling day "18" because it's 18 days til Christmas! (eek! excited!)

I've been reading a book that talks about different stages of Advent. Last week was focused on "waiting". I love Dietrich Bonhoeffer's idea of what waiting is...check out this quote, "Whoever does not know the austere blessedness of waiting- that is, of hopefully doing without - will never experience the full blessing of fulfillment." I really want to understand this idea in light of Christ's coming as a baby and coming again someday to take us home! I'm going to be thinking about what we were waiting for when He came then, and what we're waiting for now...the current "advent" of waiting on His return! Any thoughts?

I'll share more about what I'm reading this week soon! Until then...I'm smitten with these beautiful images from Martha Stewart's website! Beautiful no?

happy tuesday!!!

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