Advent....11 days from now!

Have you been to http://www.theardentsparrow.blogspot.com/? It's SO BEAUTIFUL and inspiring! This is the most beautiful advent calendar I've ever seen....Check it out!!!

Soft, beautiful, sparkly, special supplies!

Each day is an ornament on a branch (with a number for that day! and a gift in the box!)

I'd LOVE to try this!!!

I've been learning more through advent and reading a book called "God is in the Manger". Last week I read about the MYSTERY of Christ (wow). This week I'm reading about REDEMPTION. I really want to create something based on what I'm learning...any ideas?

Sorry I've been a little MIA recently, it's been a fantastic holiday so far though! I have spent lots of time with family and Jeremy! I'm looking forward to spending time with friends and doing lots of creating! I've been busy working on some custom paintings and projects and sending out shipments from Specs & Wings Etsy Shop! It's been SO fun :).

I'm planning to truly enjoy this season! I have a more fun advent days to share with you!
happy tuesday!

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