What a Wild and Wonderful Weekend!

Last night I crashed on the couch for hours after dinner...why? A wild and wonderful weekend that I'll never forget! Here are a few highlights!

Friday night: DATE NIGHT! It was SO fun! We got all dressed up and went to Lugi's! We had an amazing time just talking and laughing by candlelight. We even got dessert!
(one of my awesome brother in laws treated us...what a blessing!)

Then Jeremy took me by the most BEAUTIFUL window displays downtown....pure magic!

It was the perfect opportunity to play with my camera and get even MORE excited about Christmas!

Saturday : We had an adventurous time at Farmer's Market and then headed out to Miracle on Tyler Street to help for a while. (If you haven't heard about it, check out http://www.stonegatefellowship.com/ to see how you can get involved!)

 Then we got all dressed up (again) and went to a Madrigal Dinner put on by the high school choir and decorated by Jeremy's very talented mom! It was so fun and yummy! Jeremy even bought me some pretty flowers from a "beggar"!

Sunday: Jeremy led worship at another church in town and then we went to finish up at Miracle on Tyler Street. The weekend was wonderful, but we were wiped! We've got to rest up for a fantastic Thanksgiving week ahead!!!

How was your weekend? I'd love to hear all about it!!!

happy monday!


emily said...

Love your coat. Would love to hear more about Miracle on Tyler Street too.

Molly Swanson said...

thanks sis! You're SO sweet to read by blog!...J found that coat for me at Charlotte Russe! It would be super cute on you!...I'd love to tell you more about Miracle on Tyler Street! Made me think of you :)...phone date this week?