New Flower Rings! (Free Shipping Offer!)

arts 179

Specs & Wings Etsy Shop and Flying Olive (at the Midland Farmer's Market) are now featuring new flower rings!!! They are SO cute, full of life, and just what your new fall outfit needs!

arts 177

I'd love to hear your feedback on these!

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To celebrate all of the fun I'm going to offer FREE SHIPPING for the first set of 3 rings purchased on Etsy! (It's only $10 for 3 adorable rings!)

(This will include free shipping for anything else that is shipped with them! that's the ENTIRE ORDER of rings plus anything else you choose including coffee cozies, paintings, anything.....with no shipping fees!)

I'm EXCITED! Head on over to the shop and pick yours out! They make adorable gifts too!

First set purchased and all sold out! Thanks so much for an amazing first response! I'll have more up soon! :)

happy tuesday!!!


Unknown said...

those are adorable, molly!!! i totally need some :)

Molly Swanson said...

thanks Alison!
I'm already out! I need to make more for the Farmer's Market this weekend and then I hope to get them back on etsy again :)