summer didn't pass me by!.....a little recap.

When summer started a few months ago, I was determind to not let it pass me by! I wanted to make the time count. I had an amazing summer. I feel so blessed! God has taught me so much and I have felt His goodness and warmth like sunshine. It was truly a time of JOY!

During this summer season we got involved in the Farmer's Market, had a blog party with amazing guest bloggers, re-opened the etsy shop, had lots of coffee dates with Jeremy, lots of art parties with Danielle, made blueberry peach pancakes, inspiration coffee time with Kate, went to an Eclipse release party, spent time in Austin with the girls, had fun times with our families, spent time with sweet sweet friends, painted, sewed, watched movies, read books, rested, laughed, smiled, and lots lots more!!! It was absolutely a summer to remember!
I'm so thankful for this summer time...
...but I'm SO excited for fall!!! I think it's time to start celebrating! How about you?

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