see you soon!


(cute autumn trees by Hi Tree Etsy!)

Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone! I'll be working away for the next few days (and also resting!) but I'll be away from the blog until monday. Don't be too sad cuz I'm planning to be back with LOTS of new stuff to share!

Here are a few things on my list right now:

-2 custom sewing projects

-blog/etsy makeover


-Farmer's Market fall table *brainstorm* with Danielle!

- prepping for "Falling For You" Art Journaling Class (yay!!!)

-cleaning/organizing supplies


-lots of time creating in my pj's

-finishing the next season of The 4400 with Jeremy :)

-making more of a dent in my books

-some fall decor for our little home!

I'm SURE I won't get it all done this weekend, but I sure do love to have a list! See you Monday!

happy wednesday-sunday!

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