Saw this cute little video today....I love how she's playing the silverware like a piano! And all the "photo-esque" imagery. Plus who wouldn't want a tuba player following you around?

I have lots of fun things to share soon including:

-the special annoucement!!!

-fall goals

-new designs

-our Labor Day Weekend

-behind the scenes at the Farmer's Market

-inspiration posts

-more info on the upcoming "Falling For You" Art Journaling Class!

happy thursday!!!


Kate said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I am downloading that new CD right now!!! That video couldn't be anymore us with all the photo references (in both SLR & Your Polaroid. **sigh** I knew there was a reason she's my favorite...

I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for your I.M. today. I just found it! G.G. marathon currently in progress... Let's have COFFEE in, like, the next 1-2 days. XOXO Loves!

Ragan Burkley said...

that video is just ..... lovely! i downloaded the song about a week ago, and now seeing the video makes me love it even more :)