New Coffee Cozies!!!

Yes! The Specs & Wings etsy shop is now updated with brand new coffee cozies!!!

arts 041

arts 098

arts 066

arts 058

arts 048

arts 042

The perfect "pick-me-up" for the transition from summer to fall...wouldn't you agree?

I've been working away on a custom headband, choosing new fabric, and perfecting my packaging! There's so much to consider in this buisness...I love it!!!

I hope your weekend is full of fun!

Drop by the etsy shop and pick up a new cozy!


Ragan Burkley said...

ok i want the first/last one. I'm mailing you a check. you're awesome :)

ANTM T-Shirt Designs And More said...

I'm new to your blog. Love the coffee cozie's. So cute!