doesn't get any better...

arts 115
(our "sunday-after-church-in-the-car" picture...we used to take one every time I was home from Lubbock...this one was just for old times sake...)

hello y'all! How are you? It's been a pretty busy week for us, but my sweet Jeremy and I have still managed to have a blast together! Sometimes I just think...does it get any better than this?

Especially when...We have a late night snack of chicken nuggets and mini blizzards before we make a last resort run to the grocery store at 9:30pm so loopy and tired and Jeremy serenades me using the crossant roll can as his microphone!
Life together is sweet.

Gearing up for the Farmer's Market on Saturday! See you there? Tonight I am hoping to make some new things and prep everything for the big day. I'm excited to sit in the middle of my mess on the living room floor and create again. :)
happy wednesday!

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