A Beautiful Exchange

I loved hearing this song today.... and I love the story behind it. I want to sing it to my Lord all day!

Have you heard it? It's called Forever Reign by Hilsong....check it out!

and listen to the story here...

happy monday!


Ragan Burkley said...

hey, did you get your painting yet??

Amber said...

Molly! I love this song TOO!!! BEST SONG!

I am so sad because I was just in midland for 2 days and one of my goals while i was there was to see you and buy some things from yoU! I got your # from allison the last day but never had time to get things squared away ;( bummer. I had both boys and Vernon was not able to come so it was tough...but fun and worth it :) Anyway, i will be visiting your etsy SO SOON! Love you and always love your posts!