my little suckling...

Danielle made me a sweet surprise! She made me a beautiful terra cotta pot and planted a cute little succulent plant! (I am terrible with plants, so she's helping me learn to take care of it.) ISN'T IT COOL!?!

arts 071

I kept calling it a "suckling"...haha! So now the name is stuck!

arts 073

She even made some cute little clay mushrooms too!!!
She's amazing.
Have an amazing July 4th weekend! See y'all Tuesday!


My Daily Dangerous Surrender said...

Molly~ I just wanted to share how much I love your spot! Hope you will take a look at mine. I just started this ...and I have to make some edits. I do enjoy finding those who use the gifts God has given to worship him and touch others.

My Daily Dangerous Surrender said...

Hi Molly~ I love your Spot and your work. My blog is brand new and this whole blog thing is new to me! I love your confession of faith. It is always good to find people who use their gifts and give the glory to Him! Keep up the beautiful work and check out my spot!

Cari Denee said...

What does the artwork say thats behind the plant?! Its so cute! I love it! I might will have to copy it!

Molly~ Specs & Wings said...

hey Cari! The artwork behind the plant is by my friend Ragan Burkey! It says "Have you seen my missing piece?" It's a very personal piece that she created for me. She's so creative!
You are very creative too! I bet you could come up with something uniquely yours. :) Hope your day is great!