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arts 062

I created this custom painting for my dear friend Ragan and her sweet husband Matt! She sent me this photo from the day that Matt proposed! In her email, she explained how special this moment was and how it changed her life! I was so inspired by her words, I decided that they should be a part of the painting! (This is such a sweet photo! I especially love how Matt is still holding the ring box out!)

arts 006

"feel the energy and love of this moment"

arts 009

"The moment that started the best adventure I've ever been on"

arts 007

"The moment that began the rest of my life"

arts 008

"This is the moment that started a new chapter"

Ragan loves colors and patterns and Matt enjoys sleek and modern designs. I hope I captured this moment in a way that they both will cherish! I hope when they see it, it will remind them of this life changing event in both of their lives!

If you're interested in a custom painting, please check out the "Custom Painting" tab just below my blog banner and email me here: specsandwings@gmail.com.

Happy Monday!

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Tammy said...

Love it. :)