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It's a dark and maybe soon-to-be-rainy day here in our little home town. This kind of weather always makes me a little more thoughtful and dreamy! As I sit here, sipping my morning coffee, I can't help but think about all of the dreams that are floating around in my heart and my head. On most days (lately) I'm bursting with creative ideas and goals that I can't wait to add to a never ending list! I realized that I hadn't shared my goals with y'all in a while so I decided to take a little time to do that today. Thank you for listening! Here's a very short list...

1. Re-open my etsy shop

2. Host a fun blog party to celebrate the re-opening

3. Collaborate with other artists

4. Practice drawing again

5. Sell my artwork locally

6. Teach another online art journaling class in the fall

It's exciting to me, as I read over this list, that many of these goals are already in the works! It's a blast working toward my dreams! I love that the Lord has placed this desire to praise him through creativity in my heart!

Thanks to all of you for being apart of this journey! I wish I could meet you all for coffee today and thank you for the support and encouragement you give me. Instead, I'll just say thank you so much! Your comments, suggestions and love make all the difference!

Have a very happy thursday! More coming soon!

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emily ruth said...

such fun goals! it will be neat to see you fly through each one :)