Giveaway Winners!

I'm SO excited to announce the winners to each giveaway from my blog party!

Jacob I, by Brittany Ingram:
winner is Kwyndala!

"Wellspring" by Brittany Ingram:
winner is Jenn!

Your choice of photos from Kate Dominguez of The Wild Curl:
winner is Cari!

A spot in my "Falling For You" Art Journaling Class:
winner is Britt!

Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to all of the winners! Please contact me asap to accept your prizes and send me your addresses!
Come back soon to see more paintings and preparations for our Farmer's Market Debut on Saturday! (see post below for details)


Britt@artbybritt said...

Yeay! I'm SO excited!!

Cari Denee said...

woohoo! I like winning things!

nannykim said...

oh, I was too late!