first bubble tea...

arts 077

...for Jeremy! I'm not sure what he thinks about it...(smile!)

Some of you guys might be wondering what bubble tea tastes like, right?

To me, bubble tea tastes like my first summer back from collage having art parties with Danielle and remembering funny memories from our college days in art school. It tastes like adventure and possibility! I had just finished college and started this amazing adventure of being an artist! That same summer meant no more goodbyes for me and Jeremy and the end of our long distance relationship. I'd say bubble tea tastes pretty great. ;)

arts 078

My mind and heart are full and busy as I prepare to re-open my etsy shop and make plans for the Grand Re-Opening Blog Party! I am blown away by the amazing friends who are celebrating with me!

My friend Kate reminded me just yesterday to enjoy every moment of life right now as I spend sweet moments with the Lord. She reminded me that this all of this is really happeneing! I'm so thankful she reminded me of that. Thanks to all of you for sharing this adventure too!

Tonight....art party with Danielle!

Bubble tea is sounding pretty good right about now...


Jules said...

sounds good to me too. = )

Kate said...

YUM I loooove a good smoothie w/boba in the bottom, but not as much as I love you Miz Molly! You bring joy to my days. FER SHUR.