Animal Print Creation


A friend of mine is decorating her daughter's nursery in baby pink and zebra print. Bright pink and zebra fabric has been available in abundance since she made this announcement, but finding this color combo has been next to impossible. Still, I was determined to make something special for my friend's shower. As a result, I took the plunge into quilting. Well, okay, so it's not a very deep plunge...maybe more like an ankle-deep wade. Still, this was new for me.

After finding a really soft zebra print fabric and a pastel pink flannel that I thought would pair well, I was still a little anxious about quilting the two together. I quilted the pink backing to the zebra material by following the white zebra stripes so as not to create a quilting pattern that would compete visually with the zebra print. The result was exactly what I'd hoped for. The quilting is nearly invisible and in just a couple of hours I have a unique baby gift.


I think this same technique could make for a really cute throw to go on the back of the couch. Especially since you can pair your favorite animal print with a color that complements your home decor.

Cute Em! I love it! You're SO creative! Thank you for sharing this awesome DIY!

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