what has nested in your hair?

I found this drawing that I had started my last year of college! As I pulled out some colored pencils, I planned out my colors and finished it up. As I was adding each color, I thought about what all was in my mind when I was drawing it....recently engaged, painting at any spare moment, journaling and book making, trying to figure out where "home" was between here and Lubbock, starting this blog, and having coffee with friends at favorite places....for some of them, it was to say good-bye as we graduated and went our different ways. (You're all so special to me! What a blessing!)

I can remember drawing this, sitting in the floor at Danielle's apartment. We had art parties pretty much every night! It was so different to have to plan art parties when we moved back and each got married. :) It's funny to look back at that time of so much transition and dreaming about the future!


God has been so faithful! I like to look at this drawing and see how God has moved in each of the areas that filled my mind at the time. I wonder if I drew a picture like this right now what things would be "nesting" in my hair? What about you?

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