they're here!*

A few weeks ago, I order these ADORABLE moo cards! They are basically tiny buisness cards, but the best part is that they each have a different work of art on them! I love the way it makes each one feel unique and special.

So, a couple of days ago I got this tiny box in the mail....

arts 258

isn't it cute?!?

arts 273

.....and there they are! My info is on the back of each...

arts 262

arts 268

... they're so fun!

arts 272

I can't wait to start giving them away and packing them up inside custom orders!

arts 269

Would you like to have one of these little guys?

happy thursday!


abeautifullove said...

They are gorgeous! A little piece of you with every card!

Jules said...

of course I would, they are so cute!!!!

Ragan Burkley said...

molly, those are AWESOME!!!

Kate said...

just one? *LOL* you've inspired me! i'm ready to get my business cards printed. i've just been putting it off...when i'm not steaming chair covers. BAHAHAHAAAA!!!

i loved working with you friday! i miss you!