express your looooooove.

arts 094

On Friday, Jeremy took me on a sweet little date! We hadn't done this in a while so it was very special. I even wore a dress! haha! We started off the evening by eating at this great Mexican food place that I've never been to! It was delicious!....but quite noisy in there....
I'm sure you all know where our next stop was!

arts 095

A sweet heart to heart over coffee. perfect.

The little sleeves were cracking us up...but it got me thinking...

how do you express your looooooooove?

if you have an idea, please leave it in the comments section. :) I love sweet and creative ideas!

happy monday!

p.s. thanks to everyone for participating in my survey! If you haven't had a chance, I'll leave it up for a few more days. It's great to hear from y'all!

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