Friday I'm in Love!

I'm SO HAPPY that it's Friday! I have a fantastic weekend planned! SO, to kick off an AMAZING weekend, I'm posting things that are inspiring me this week!

Pretty food! (I would love to eat this for breakfast...ha ha!)


fabric flowers

coffee cup home decor!

This cute little mind map! (by the graphics fairy)

Finding this ONE photo of me and Jeremy at his brother's wedding last month!

(taken by his aunt on her phone....thank you so much!)

My NEW project pockets!!! I'm already using them! Here's the "how-to" ...they're lovely, Em.

Remembering college critiques! (and one of my all time favorite profs!)

I can't wait to share the fun that happens tonight at me and Danielle's first ever TIE DYE PARTY!!!

Thank you all for your encouraging comments this week....they have made all the difference! :)

happy friday!


Swirv said...

AAAGH! You just showed me how to remedy a clutter issue I've been having! I have more coffee cups that 2 people who rarely drink coffee should have, but I can't bring myself to parting w/ them. I love the coffee cups hanging in front of the window! Now I've got to figure out how/where to do it in my kitchen.... Molly, you're absolutely lovely. And super encouraging! Thanks for stopping by the blog the other day- you make me smile :)

Molly Swanson said...

Hey! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! You're the sweetest! I loved that little coffee cup window too. I saw it on the Ikea Live website...so fuN!

have a happy weekend!