I learned to throw pottery!


I got so excited last night when Danielle asked if I wanted to learn to "throw" on her pottery wheel! How cool is that?!? I got so excited! Sorry there are no pictures of anyone actually using it because I was too excited and we were all clay-y. :)

....but here were the results! The one on the left is my first attempt and the two in the back are Danielle's (aren't they awesome!?!)
This is my second try and it turned out a little bit better I think...


I still need lots of practice, but it's so fun...I'm okay with that!
Have you ever tried to throw on a wheel? Have you ever wanted to?
Thanks for hanging in there with me....it's been busy around here, but I'll try to post more soon!
Happy Tuesday!

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Kate said...

OMG I am SO jealous!!! I have always wanted to learn how to properly throw pottery! That rocks you got to & it looks pretty awesome! I have no doubt mine would fall in & become...well...a pile of pottery. *LMBO*

I wanna see that baby after it's fired! Love you!

XOXO, me