valentines and polaroid pockets...

It was so fun to make each of these little artist trading cards especially for my sister! I sent them in the mail so I hope that when she opens her package she feels super loved and special! I experimented a lot with these...what do you think?

arts 128

arts 127
(the illustration is by Emily Martin of The Black Apple! She posted free Valentines girls last Feb. on her blog...she's awesome!)

arts 126

arts 129

arts 130

arts 122

My sister is so awesome! I miss her so much! I love it when she comes to visit...the first time she visited our apartment I just thought how "right" it felt when she was there. So I made this art journal page! I'll share it with you...


I added lots of little details to this page because my heart had so much to say! I remember this moment so vividly too...so I wrote out the statement "it felt so RIGHT when you were here..." like I would in a journal. Then I sewed pretty textured antique-y looking ribbon accross the page and a few buttons to add the feeling of nostalgia! Next I took a "portrait" (with my polaroid camera) of two coffee cups that reminded me of us...


I sewed on the photo leaving one side open so that it could be a "polaroid pocket"! Inside I put a photo of my sister and me that I LOVE! It's one of my favorite memories with her....dancing before I walked down the isle at my wedding! (photo by Brittany Strebeck)


hope you are still feeling warm and fuzzy and that your days are filled with flowers, chocolates, red, pink, and loved ones! I'm thrilled for our Valentines date this weekend!

lots of love to y'all!

happy Friday!

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