our valentines day...

The sounds of The Shins, Regina Spector, Imogen Heap, and The Fray filled our apartment when I finally woke Jeremy up in all of my excitement...for us, it was Valentines day! I created a new "love mix" on iTunes to set the tone for our day then I cut our toaster waffles into heart shapes!....{yes, in fact, this is my favorite holiday!}

I gave Jeremy a funny Valentine...he laughed out loud! I wish you could have seen the expression on his face! .....if you're not a Gilmore Girls fanatic, just know that in the show the love interest keeps this funny note that the girl wrote to him on a horoscope one day in his wallet for years... :)


and I made him this.....loving all of the memories we have made and will hold onto in our hearts for years!

Valentines Weekend!!!
We finally decided it was time to go on an adventure so we headed to the best thrift stores in town! We had so much fun and saw cool stuff like this....

We ate burritos at our favorite local "hole in the wall" place. :) they were the best we've ever had!


We had coffee down town at "The Ground Floor" before we had to run a few errands...


We thought of all of the fun things we could do and decided on our favorite romantic resturant for dinner...Luigi's! It's a local italian place with lots of character. My parents used to go there on dates!....We had a blast just talking and laughing together...


How could we beat that?!


After dinner we rented 3 old movies, but I could only make it through one of them! haha!

I couldn't believe all of the fun we could have right here in our own little town! Every place we went was so unique and fun....and we couldn't have done it anywhere else. I guess our little town is pretty special and I'm glad we live here.

It was the best Valentines day I can ever remember having....I love you my Jeremy!


About Me said...

I LOVE the gilmore valentine! Such a cute idea!!!

Marta said...

Ok, I am new to Midland (about a year) but the hubs & I don't know anyone except for the people we work with.. we have been homebodies. Where is your burrito place? Which thrift stores are the best? Do tell, we need to get out more.

Molly Swanson said...

Marta, thanks for reading my blog and for your sweet comment! I've lived here for my whole life and there are lots of fun little secrets around here :). The AWESOME burritos are at a place called "Oscars" off of Midland Dr., the best Thrift stores are WAY down town on Marionfield and just past Texas Street. Luigi's is completely delicious and it's on Wall Street. Oh! The Ground floor is also on Wall and it has amazing Granitas! ....if you need anything, don't hesitate to email me! mollylovesjeremy@gmail.com