lubbock is for lovers ~ day 1

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For our first anniversary, Jeremy and I took a trip to the place where we started to fall in love....Lubbock, TX! A few years ago, I was going to art school at Tech and Jeremy was working 2 hours away. We dated long distance for 3 years! Jeremy would come to Lubbock some and I'd come home some and we talked on the phone for hours in between!....It was the start of our beautiful love story! Going back just seemed natural. :)
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We started the day by making PINK chocolate chip pancakes! They were awesome. Then we hit the road! We love road trips. I made Jeremy a "365 mix" that we jammed to all of the way there! When we arrived we checked into the COOLEST hotel ever! Check out the amazing wall paper!!!!

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We spent the afternoon shopping and then we dressed up for a night on the town! We went to some old favorites...One Guy's for dinner...

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...and Sugar Browns for the BEST HOUSE CHAI EVER!!! ....plus this place is a total photo op so I couldn't help myself...

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We had such a fun day! Thanks for letting me share it!

Now on to day 2!

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